Reach your cycling potential

Omnium is delighted to offer cyclists of all levels the opportunity to improve their cycling performance with assessments from Cycling and Sport Medicine experts. Three packages below outline our assessments. We also offer bespoke individual programmes. 

Our medical and fitness assessment centres are: - 

Circle Bath Hospital, Bath UK

HCA Healthcare Outpatients at The Shard, London

The Physiotherapy Clinic, Northampton


Cycling Fitness

For enthusiastic cyclists keen to enjoy their cycling and improve their fitness to step up to the next level.

  • Physical assessment

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Respiratory fitness

  • Skin fold assessment

  • Full report and fitness programme

  • Price £475

IMG_2643 (1).jpg

Sportive Success

For passionate cyclists who are keen to cycle challenging Sportive routes in the best possible condition.

  • As Cycling Fitness package

  • Ramp test

  • V02 max (indirect)

  • Power / weight ratio assessment

  • Altitude training assessment (available Circle Bath only)

  • Full report with specific achievable goals

  • Price £790


La Marmotte 

Ride the terrain of the professionals in your peak condition to break through the glass roof of your potential physical fitness.

  • As Sportive Success package

  • Lactate threshold assessment

  • Lower limb isokinetic assessment for optimum muscle power and endurance

  • Blood passport - blood analysis to establish full health assessment

  • Full report with strength and conditioning programme

  • Price £1,290

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